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Eshgh / Love / عشق

Eshgh means love in Farsi. The letters of Love in Farsi are very fascinating and redesigning them in a new way always fascinated me. I detached the three letters and gave them new shapes. The heart illustration comes from a real heart but it is my way of looking at a heart, abstract, different and simplified. 

You can purchase the totes from Society6


The three letters of Love in farsi

Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg

The five letters of Tehran in Farsi, separated and deformed


Tehran |  تهران

Tehran is the city I was born in. I lived 24 years of my life there and every day of it was a memory and a challenge. This city has hurt me, made me fall in love and even broke my heart. My heart will always be in Tehran. No matter where I go or what I do, my heart is in the city. I use design to pour my feelings out therefore I did a "Love Tehran" icon to be printed on totes.


You can purchase the totes from Society6

Canvas Tote Bag MockUp 2.jpg
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