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Moving from home, from my family and friends has been a very emotional change for me. As an artist, I need to let my feelings come out in some kind of creative way, whether if it’s an illustration or a type poster or even a hand-drawn quote. I let it out and I share them on my social media. It gives me a comfort feeling alongside some kind of satisfaction and calmness. I have learnt this about my self and I really do enjoy approaching my feelings in this way. 


I have decided to call them emotional typography right now but it might change as I develop these poster more and more. 

Reading books, talking to more experienced people have made me who I am today and I’m constantly changing and learning about myself. 

In this specified poster, I thought It would better reflect my emotions if I have it projected on me. 

Graphex 51 Award Winner 2020

Liminal is a word that, in its most common extended sense, refers to a state, place, or condition of transition: the liminal state between waking and sleeping, or between life and death.


Oceans Between Us


This is another Self-initiated project that I did. 

I try to write down sentences and words that come to me when I'm in emotional places. This sentence was one of them. 

"I would have walked an ocean for you" which I have the same sentence in Farsi as well. I thought this quote should be drowning like I am when I thought of this. It should be walking an ocean representing itself and this is how it turned out to be.


Self-initiated project

Summer 2020

The Fall


This sentence is again one of those feelings that I try to write down. These feelings kept giving me a sense of falling like how you fall in a dream and never hit the ground. 

You wake up before you hit the ground. Feeling the fall when you are awake is a never-ending feeling since you never wake up from it and you never hit the ground to feel the pain and get it over with, exactly like a never healed heart.


Self-initiated project

Summer 2020

Motion Songs

These little loops are some motion practices with some songs that I was listening to at that moment. Deforming letters based on the feeling of the song is what fascinated me in this project. 

Motion Design

Fall 2018

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