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Moving away from home, family, and friends to live across the world is a very hard challenge and an emotional rollercoaster.

As an artist, I learned one of the best ways to cope with this drastic change in life is to write my feelings down and later on design them as a poster or a simple Instagram post. The act of sharing such feelings comes with a sense of calmness and satisfaction. 

In this specific poster, having the words projected on me symbolizes the emotions of thinking out loud. 

Graphex 51 Award Winner 2020

Liminal is a word that, in its most common extended sense, refers to a state, place, or condition of transition: the liminal state between waking and sleeping, or between life and death.


Oceans Between Us

"I would have walked an ocean for you" from the Separation of Two Lovers project (in Farsi and English).

The design and the feel of the poster is responding to the quote as it shows itself underwater as well.  

Summer 2020


The Fall

This quote is inspired by the constant dream of us falling down a higher edge and never hitting the ground. 

This feeling depicts a never healed heart as it is feeling the rush and fear of falling down but never fully experiencing the pain of hitting the ground and the healing after. 

Summer 2020

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