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Khawrizmi Youth Award Winner 2012

Watch Collage

Watch Collage was first made by Houshang Foroutan in the 1980s.

Ghazal Foroutan later continued in on his father's steps by following his arts. 

She was able to win the 13th Khawrizmi Youth Awards with her illustrations in 2012. 

Watch Collage is one of the first illustration techniques which was patented in Iran under Foroutan's name. Houshang Foroutan was one of the first people in the world to make his art pieces using spare watch pieces and some recyclable things. 

Houshang and Ghazla both have been on different Tv and Radio shows talking about their art. Newspapers and magazines have shown great interest in watch collage at times as well. 

Watch Collage pieces are permanently in Tehran's "Time Museum" as they asked Foroutan family to donate their art pieces to this well-known museum. 


Houshang Foroutan held multiple exhibitions of these pieces in the USA and Turkey. 

Houshang and Ghazal Foroutan exhibited their watch collage pieces in a number of galleries in Tehran as well. 


BFA Thesis Project

1312\1 copy.jpg

The story is one of the human being's sins which is GREED. As the man with an ax comes to the wood seeking the unseen and untouched. He sees one big fruit so far on the tallest tree of the whole jungle. Therefore he chops down all the trees with all the beautiful creatures that were living on it and all the tasty and colourful fruits on them so he could get what he wanted which was the biggest fruit on the top. When he is almost close to pick what he came all this way for, he slips and falls down. 

There is an old Persian saying which says "God's punishment comes silently".

This is just another story to bring awareness to people's selfishness and them overlooking what they destroy on the way to their top. 


Stop motion Using Watch College

BFA Thesis Project


Some of their pieces are still available to purchase

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