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Farsi + English

Type + Handwritten Type with Brush


Course / Independent Study

Instructor / Pouya Jahanshahi

Fall 2019

Type Fusion

Exploring how Farsi and English type interacts with one another in printed media such as poster has always been a passion of mine and I took advantage of the opportunity of having this class exploring only this aspect. Choosing Rumi’s poems who is a very well known poet in Iran and all over the world, I tried to explore a lot of possibilities of how these two languages can exist in one composition together without making the other one look bad. 

The main purpose of this project is its process and how these two languages interact in poster media.

I tried to explore photography, scanning, using different brushes, mixing handwritten text with fonts and etc to see a variety of different juxtapositions of these two languages together resulting in final charts showing how the process of mixing these two work. 


At the end I designed a campaign using one of these techniques for an event which both languages had to be present at. The campaign was for the International street poster awards which was half in Tehran. 


Digital Design /

English san-serif Typeface + Bold Farsi Type + One Main Shape


Frasi + English Type + Scan


Note / All of the posters done for this course are all rough sketches of different approaches towards these two languages combination in one composition.

Frasi + English Type 

+ Handwritten Typeface + Different Brushes + Layering with print + Paint

City to City, House to House are the words being looped here, written and designed in Persian.

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