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"Women of Tomorrow" is a collection of pamphlets or one-page newspapers. Iranian women of Iran have not been able to show their abilities and their potential fully in international competitions when it comes to sports due to the limitations of hijab. Many of them had to leave their beloved country “Iran” and go to other countries and play for their teams instead of Iran against their wish. Some of them were banned from competing against some countries because the government of Iran does not have good relations with the competing country so women have lost competition due to that reason. Some women have been banned from taking part in any competition because they were seen practicing without a scarf on. Sports such as swimming are not even an option for an Iranian woman to choose as a professional path. 

Indigo International Awards / Best for Social Change 2022
Winner of Graphex 52 / Illustration / 2022
Winner of Applied Arts / Illustration / 2022


The Farsi logotype is inspired by an old magazine called “Women of Today” which was published over 40 years ago to celebrate Iranian women.

Riso Printed in Two Colors / Green and Red  / 8.5 x 11 "

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