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The Triplet Zines;
Iranian Women’s Movement 

The history zines include three different timeframes of the Iranian women’s movement from over the last century.

The first zine called "Inception" covers how hijab started in Iran and what women have done to obtain their rights throughout time. This is the first number in this series which is mostly focused on before Iran's revolution and how women used to dress.

The story that is being told in the books is purely historical happening without any changes or personal opinions.


The second one is called "Resistance" which covers the story of women in the 6 days of their demonstration right after the revolution to not enforce hijab. This six-day demonstration is one of the biggest protesting events that happened by women against hijab.

The third one is called "Silenced" which covers the story of women’s movement and the change in their apparel since 1979. This book contains the new rules and laws that were passed to limit women in the way they appear in society and some comparisons of how everything took a hard shift in less than 50 years.


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