This is the process book of this project which ended up being 100 pages. It went into all the detail of the process of this course. 


In my opinion, what we went through to get the result we got was more important than the actual result. I learnt a lot through this process and this class really let me make a jump in my work and the way I thought. 


Graphex 51 Honorable Mention 2020

Course / Graphic Design Graduate Studio

Instructor / Pouya Jahanshahi

Fall 2019

Graphic Design Semiotics


In this project, we were given a description of the word Graphic Design and we were supposed to open the sentence and words up and make a new meaning of it that makes some kind of a sense. It started with very little changes in the layouts and in their appearance until photos, textures and etc were added to it. Everything should be done with purpose and intention. We tried to develop a new approach to formal and conceptual production in this project. 

One of the goals of this class was to understand semiotics as the science of the study of signs and their use in visual communication. Expression of this subject matter through precise methodologies defined by its objectives, towards the utilization of visual problem solving. This project enhanced control of the relationship between form and meaning in typographic and visual content.

First Ones

Middle Ones

Last Ones


Each collage presents one word. Icons and imagery that fits that one word come together in one composition.

ps / Photo is from a critique day at OSU.





Pouya's t-shirt was very inspiring at a critique session.


Final Poster