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100 page process book. In this specific assignment, process plays a more important role than the final result.

Concrete Poetry

Course / Graphic Design Graduate Studio
Instructor / Pouya Jahanshahi
Oklahoma State University Fall 2019

Graphex 51 Honorable Mention 2020

"Sometimes graphic design is called 'visual communications', a term that emphasizes its function of giving form e.g., the design of a book, advertisement, logo, or website- to information."

This definition of Graphic Design selected from a dictionary has been opened up using selected words. The project explores the study of semantics and the use of visual semiotics to enhance the meaning of graphic design. One of the goals of this class was to understand semiotics as the science of the study of signs and their use in visual communication. Expression of this subject matter through precise methodologies defined by its objectives, towards the utilization of visual problem-solving. This project enhanced control of the relationship between form and meaning in typographic and visual content.