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Design Show

"Design Show" was the BFA Capstone Show of the class of 2020 | Oklahoma State University.

The theme aims to present a stripped-down “unbranded design” as a way to highlight the work of each designer. The title "Design Show" is to-the-point therefor the viewer doesn't have any problem understanding what it is that he/she is viewing. Minimalistic, black and white design with outlined type and visible grids represent the visual side of this identity. Portraits will be reminiscent of passport or ID photos. The white backgrounds of the portraits will continue the aesthetic of the other components of the show. Everything in the show would be labelled literally as the identity pieces are labelled as well. The logo title of the show changes its layout following what scales it's being used on. The poster has two variations which get repeated when hanging around the campus such as 6 posters of black and white hung up next to each other on the wall. 

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