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This small batch of jam is a limited-edition product. It is inspired by Abbas Kiarostami's film "Taste of Cherry". The Farsi typography on the label says "A Mulberry Saved My Life" which is a famous quote from the film. The taste of this mulberry jam is also supposed to remind us of all the sweetness that life brings us. 

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"A Mulberry Saved My Life"

Credits             2023

Even/Odd Studio
Kiarostami Foundation
Saba Jam
Ghazal Foroutan

Even/Odd Studio


Saba JAm Label- Foroutan 03.jpg
Saba JAm Label- Foroutan 01.jpg
Saba JAm Label- Foroutan 04.jpg
Talking Card-01.jpg
Saba Jam.png
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